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Turn Your Walking Cane Into a Self-Defense Tool The cane is a discreet weapon that can be used for hooking, blocking, and striking, particularly for those citizens who may already be carrying it as a mobility aid.

You are walking back to your car and you turn down a dimly lit side street, you see a shadow dart across and then you hear footsteps.

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Basic self defense techniques on DVD from Guardian Self Defense.Krav Maga began with a single man - Imrich Lichtenfeld, who later took the name Imi Sde-Or.

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Tai Chi self defense is deadly, it is dirty and it is one of the best self defense systems known.I once taught my son and his friend how to deal with a bully in the neighborhood who was bigger than they were and was always picking on them.

The best throw for self-defense is the throw that you have practiced the most.The first techniques every self defense practitioner should learn come from boxing, Thai boxing, stand up wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and you can see the techniques we use in each of those styles by clicking on the corresponding pages.In this post I will walk you through the most effective Martial Arts and why I believe these this to be true.

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Personal Defense Network has a large selection of online self-defense videos and self-defense DVD combo packs.

Staying Safe Is the Best Self Defense Most self defense professionals urge people to avoid needing to defend themselves by avoiding situations which may promote crime.

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The best defense against conceivable assault in the future is to learn viable self-defense techniques.

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Some Law Enforcement Agencies like FBI and CIA preferred to use 10 mm caliber for their staff.Born in 1910 in Budapest, he grew up in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, in a home where sports, law, and Central European.Cane Masters International Association Join one of the fastest growing self-defense and martial arts organizations in the world and receive discounts on Cane Masters merchandise, training tips, our newsletter, and more.In this DVD, police Captain Massad Ayoob, generally recognized as the leading authority on use of deadly weapons by civilians in self-defense, deals from the ground up on the core principles of law, ethics and tactics of using lethal force.

The 4 Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can (and Should) Master.

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The cane is handmade of natural Crocus wood and each canes has its own unique grains and markings.The tactical pen is a mix of a security tool, a survival gadget, as well as a composing perform, it can be camouflaged as a typical pen, a glass breaker.Only when it is taught as it was originally intended though, as a hands-on, energetic fighting system where anything goes in order to survive in a realistic street attack.

Learning self-defense at most martial arts schools will do nothing but give you a false sense of security.

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How to Stealthly Adapt a Common Orthopedic Cane for Self Defense: This Instructable will outline how to modify a generic orthopedic cane so it can become much more effective as a personal defense device.

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Self-Defense for Home Security: If you want to be prepared in the event of a home invasion, check out our selection of home self-defense products.Welcome to the complete guide to the best martial arts for self defence.With Kickstarter crowdfunding help, his DVD can help people who are vulnerable, particularly women and children, learn to keep themselves safe.Whatever the outcome, self-defense cases usually manage to generate controversy.

We also offer robust deadbolt locks to thwart off would-be intruders.If you train Jiu-Jitsu, chances are that you have already watched a BJJ instrcutional DVD or video.Personally I like watching sparrings, tournament footage and instructionals.

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